Double façade

Duowall – twice the protection

Duowall is a façade concept that opens up new approaches based on WICONA systems. Today’s building trade is determined as much by ecological standards as by technical-functional, aesthetic and economic criteria. Holistic system solutions which combine a high level of technology, ecology, design and visions are required. To put it simply: WICONA double façade solutions.

The basic concept of a second, non-insulated layer of glass in front of an internal heat-insulated façade with opening sashes can be achieved with various combinations of WICONA systems. The individual form is tailored to the specific building in each case. You can rely on the WICONA team to support you throughout your project, with the benefit of our long and comprehensive experience and know-how.

The following systems already incorporate double façade technology:

  • WICLINE 215 (please refer to “Windows” section)
  • WICLINE 125 (please refer to “Windows” section)
  • TEmotion (please refer to “Autarc façades” section)

The advantages of Duowall double façades at a glance:

  • Outstanding thermal insulation
  • Optimal use of solar energy gains
  • Natural ventilation in all weather conditions
  • Very good sound protection, even when windows are open
  • Simple integration of building technology, sun protection, functional elements
  • Individual configuration of system technology
  • Integration of different opening elements

Technical values:

WICONA Duowall double façade systems are system solutions individually tailored to the building requirements. The technical values depend on the systems used.

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