Autarc façade

TEmotion – the intelligent façade concept

TEmotion is an intelligent façade concept developed by WICONA, incorporating active and stand-alone building technology. The façade reacts to changes in outdoor and interior conditions, such as light or temperature, and therefore makes a significant contribution to improving the energy efficiency of the building envelope and reducing the operating costs. TEmotion controls the integrated ventilation, air-conditioning and heating technology, adjusts the sun protection to the prevailing conditions and prevents the interior from overheating. At the same time, by means of adaptable light control, it ensures dazzle-free, indirect natural daylight. By automatically opening façade elements, it allows the building to be “rinsed” with fresh air at night, which considerably cuts the costs of cooling it. Active use of solar energy is possible through integration of photovoltaic elements. You can rely on the WICONA team to support you throughout your project, with the benefit of our comprehensive experience and know-how.

The advantages of TEmotion at a glance:

  • An integrated system: façade, opening element, ventilation, heating, sun protection, lighting
  • Modular concept: the individual façade elements can be put together and installed one by one
  • Efficient cost-effectiveness: in contrast to conventional façades, TEmotion saves 40 to 50% of the primary energy otherwise used for heating, cooling, ventilation and illumination.
  • Individual adjustment: the dimensions and division of the individual components can be adjusted to suit any building plan
  • Also ideal for renovation projects: as all the building technology is integrated, the building dimensions remain lower in the area of the façade
  • Natural ventilation in all weather conditions
  • Very good sound protection, even when windows are open


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