Folding and sliding elements

"Back to nature" – all it takes is a quick twist of the hand and, with WICSLIDE's folding and sliding systems, living spaces, seminar or conference rooms will open out into the garden or patio. Extremely light and quiet: qualities that are ensured by highquality fittings and robust guide rails with easy glide properties.

As with all WICONA product ranges, there are various options available here too – double or triple track, with sliding, lifting/ sliding or folding/sliding functionality, which can be combined with fixed panels.

WICSLIDE life-slide elements, even when closed, also bring lots of daylight into the rooms due to their large panel dimensions (up to 3.24 m wide and 3.40 m high) and narrow profiles. In terms of thermal protection, the highest standards apply – depending upon the construction details, it is possible to achieve Uw values of less than
1.1 W/m²K.

WICSLIDE folding/sliding elements completely open up a room and "park" the panels on the side. With up to 7 panels in one element, each up to 2.50 m high and 1.10 m wide, you can bring nature directly into your home.




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