WICLINE 75 TOP - Intelligent,  energy-   efficient design

With the new WICLINE 75 TOP system, WICONA is raising the benchmark to meet the increasing demand for even more energy-efficient window solutions.

The WICLINE 75 TOP is an outstanding casement window suite to combine the user-friendliness and quality of the highly successful WICLINE 75 evo window system with highly efficient thermal insulation. The new WICLINE 75 TOP is also the first application of the ETC Intelligence® Thermal Break, which introduces new levels of thermal insulation up to passive house levels. With a combination of technically-advanced components and materials, this window achieves Uf values for the sash/frame combination of up to 1.0 W/(m²K), without the need for thermal inserts.

WICLINE 75 TOP stands for:

T = Thermal insulation of the highest level
O = Optimum performance and fabrication
P = Passive house standards.

ETC Intelligence® represents a thermal break zone which offers high levels of thermal insulation without the need for thermal inserts or foam fillers. A Low Emission film effectively reflects heat, while the Low Transmission thermal break material reduces heat conduction in the section to a minimum. Low Convection thermal break fins minimise heat loss from convection in the thermal break zone. When combined, these technological advancements have outstanding levels of energy efficiency.

ETC Intelligence® improves the Uf value of visible sash-to-frame combinations by up to 0.3 W/(m²K). For hidden sash-to-frame combinations, the Uf value is improved by up to 0.6 W/(m²K). The new WICLINE 75 TOP suite is fully compatible with all accessories, fittings and tools in the WICLINE 75 evo series, for ease of specification, fabrication, and installation.

Another key feature of the WICLINE 75 TOP system is the wider restraining thickness of the concealed sashes which are now 50 mm thick. WICONA will also be introducing 44 mm tensioning frames for concealed and visible casement profiles, which widen the scope for tripled-glazed window applications in WICTEC curtain wall façades.

The WICLINE 75 TOP suite has high-quality, fully concealed fittings and a direct positioning system (DPS) for ease of installation in any sequence or combination.

Further information: WICLINE 75 TOP



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