WICONA wins European Renovation Awards

Two projects using Hydro Building Systems’ WICONA brand succeeded in the “European Aluminium in Renovation Awards 2009”. While the LoftLiving Ackermanfabrik in Germany came first in the category residential buildings, the ENERGIA building in France won a prize for energy efficiency.

On 18 November, the winners of the Second European Aluminium in Renovation Award were unveiled in a ceremony in the European Parliament in Brussels. From the original 130 entries at national level, 31 projects made it to the European final: nine in the category residential buildings, 22 for the non-residential buildings.

After winning the German Aluminium in Renovation Award in September, the LoftLiving Ackermannfabrik project also managed to convince the independent jury at the European level in the category residential buildings. Consisting of representatives from architecture, science and media, the jury showed itself “impressed by the careful use and well-considered design of the material aluminium taking into account the interesting architectural quality of the building complex.”

The Neu-Ulm architectural firm, Nething Generalplaner, used WICONA profiles for doors and windows to redesign an old textile factory into lofts and residential apartments. The profiles not only equipped the building with highly efficient, state of the art thermal protection but also reproduced the visual design of the original steel frames, fulfilling legal requirements for the historic building.

Even more praise for Hydro Building Systems
Equally successful, was the non-residential ENERGIA Building in Paris. Thanks to its WICONA facades, the project won a special prize for energy efficiency. The jury specifically stressed “the nice and careful detailing in the way windows and cladding were applied” and praised the outstanding energy efficiency and environmental performance of the building, which meets the High Environmental Quality (HEQ) standard, a French standard for green buildings.

Hydro Building Systems was present in the competition with a third project from Sweden. The project “Skrapan” turned a former office building from 1958 into a “student skyscraper”, which will offer accommodation to students.

Other winners
In the category non-residential buildings, the renovated headquarters of the Italian newspaper ‘Corriere della Sera’ in Milan won the prize. Four special prizes in the categories small-scale renovation, roofing solutions as well as innovation and design went to projects in Belgium, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom. A second jury award for energy efficiency went to a project in the Netherlands.

Overall, jury chairman Professor Jan Bouwer highlighted the increasingly high standard of the nominated projects. “The jury was impressed by the careful use and well-considered design of aluminium in matching the architectural quality of the buildings under renovation” he said.

For the European Aluminium Association (EAA) the competition illustrated “how well aluminium suits the needs of state of the art, energy efficient and sustainable renovation in preserving and improving Europe’s building stock”. 

European Aluminium in Renovation Awards
The European “Aluminium in Renovation” Awards is an initiative of the EAA Buildings Group together with the Aluminium for Future Generations (AFFG) program. In cooperation with the national aluminium associations in 14 EU Member States first national contests are held, whose winners then qualify for the European award.

The focus of this year’s second awards was energy efficiency. Projects participating in the competition needed to fulfill the following criteria: significant use of aluminium, energy efficient solutions, life cycle thinking, contemporary design, consideration of socio-economic impact as well as added value to the original building.

Editor:  Aurélie Pattyn
Author:  Verena Leckebusch

PROUD WINNERS: Dietmar Brüderl (head of the WICONA Brand Centre), Paul Kaszay, Axel Nething (both from the architectural firm ngp) and Tim Füldner (Head of Sales and Marketing, WICONA)

LoftLiving Ackermannsfabrik, Augsburg

German Aluminium in Renovation Award

NOMINATED: The Studentskrapan building in Stockholm

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