Wiconafinder wins marketing prize

Wicona’s architectural search engine “wiconafinder” won marketing prize awarded by the German windows association VFF.

“This marketing prize underlines that there is a need for online marketing tools such as wiconafinder, that enables metal builders and architects to present themselves in an architectural search engine”, says Arnd Brinkmann, leader of Hydro Building Systems in Germany +.

Wiconafinder received the first price in the category "references as marketing instrument". The internet platform has been online for about a year, and it already contains more than 500 reference projects made with Wicona systems. The wiconafinder provides impressive pictures, detailed technical information and product descriptions about each building project.

The German association for windows and facades, VFF, which is the leading association in the branch, explained that the Wiconafinder is very valuable for Wicona’s partners because of the structure of the online platform, which enables metal builders to present their solutions and projects in a way that is easily accessible for the users.


Managing Director of Hydro Building Systems Germany, Arnd Brinkmann

Tim Füldner (Director Sales & Marketing, l.) and Philipp Müller (project manager WICONA Finder)

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