Superior in function and technology

Most construction projects are subject to intense time pressure. With appropriate planning, the WICTEC unitized façade system enables extremely straightforward processing, by means of serial production and pre-assembly. This pre-assembly process is completely unaffected by weather conditions. As a consequece, this permits rapid and economical implementation for buildings of any size, whilst simultaneously enabling creative diversity and a delicate appearance. One reference project of the recent past is the façade of the EDA Business Center in Nova Gorica (SI).

Nova Gorica, also known as “the City of Roses”, is in the south- west of Slovenia right on the Italian border and within sight of its sister town, Gorizia, in Italy. Since Slovenia's accession to the European Union on 1 May 2004 Nova Gorica has been actively seeking to profit from its strategically advantageous position at the crossroads of important routes from the Mediterranean to the Continent, and from Western to Eastern Europe. The city wants to be the attractive centre of the Goriko region, characterised by a flourishing economy, sport, culture and tourism.

The construction of the EDA Business Centre, which was planned between 2008 and 2010 and built in the heart of Gorica in 2011, represents visible progress in this direction. With its striking tower, the building, which incorporates office and living space, combines what the city needs for the fulfilment of its vision in a single attractive building:

  • Modern shopping facilities and meeting places in bars, cafés and restaurants;
  • A tourist information centre;
  • Inviting public spaces for shows and events;
  • Flexible-use offices with high-end equipment as well as a conference room;
  • Apartments for superior living style;
  • Sufficient secure parking.

Consequently, the primary investor is expecting lively commercial activity in the EDA Centre itself and, due to its downtown location surrounded by shops, banks, administrative and public facilities, many visitors to the site. Until now the EDA Centre is the only business centre of this type anywhere in the region and is functionally and technically superior to other facilities.

Euroinvest d.o.o (Sl) is the primary investor, builder and architect of the EDA Centre at Nova Gorica and has been constructing national and international business and shopping centres, schools and crèche centres, old people’s homes, residential and industrial buildings for the past 15 years.

In terms of its construction principle the new EDA Centre is a frame construction of reinforced concrete. Nova Gorica-based Euroinvest d.o.o, in conjunction with the metal construction company, Alukomen, which is based in Komen, and the regional field service of Hydro Building Systems GmbH, developed the special WICTEC double façade in unitized system for the upper 8 floors (E1 - E8) of the high-rise section of the EDA Centre. This façade construction was based on the special construction of an earlier Euroinvest project for Vodafone Milano. In order to meet the architectural and construction demands of the building project at Nova Gorica, the project solution employed here was augmented by three special profiles.

WICONA's WITEC façade system can combine many functions within a single construction: protective shell and design unit, heat storage, climate control system, light source as well as fire and noise barrier. The façade units for the EDA Centre, made of aluminium and glass, are 226 mm thick altogether and are from the WICTEC 50 System range. Looking from the inside to the outside the double façade comprises an 8 x 16 x 6 mm double thermo-glazing layer with a thermal transmission coefficient of Ug = 1.1 W/mK and an energy transmission value of g = 0.58 as well as a 10 mm single-glazed layer of safety glass. The inter-pane gap is 135 mm wide. The considerable size of the units their pfofiles of 97 mm width confer a distinctive horizontal and vertical appearance to the building, producing surprising effects as parts of the external façade shell were printed in two different designs.

Units with the dimensions 1330 x 5398 were used in the 1st floor whilst 1330- x 3640-mm elements were incorporated into floors E2 to E8. In addition, four different corner elements were required due to the special form of the high-rise section; two angled at 90 degrees, one at 125.4 degrees and one more with an angle of 54.6 degrees.

The window units are based on the WICONA WICLINE 77 series with concealed sash. Alukomen produced three special profiles: frame and transom profiles as well as glazing beads, which secure the façade's external single glazing from the outside. The high standard of heat protection is characterised by a heat transmission coefficient of Ucw = 1,0 W/m²k. The space in the double façade is ventilated naturally by 10 openings of 250 x 40 mm in every element. To ensure pleasant lighting conditions and heat protection within the building there are solar shading elements fitted in the gaps between the panes. In addition, the printed sections of the single-glazed safety glass make a certain contribution to heat shielding in summer.
The approx. 2,000 m² of façades on the lower three floors of the EDA Centre are standard stick façades from the WICTEC 50 series.

The use of WICONA system products and special constructions based on these in the construction of the EDA Centre at Nova Gorica is a result of Alukomen's vigorous support of the construction project. It was them who convinced the primary investor, who usually worked with profiles from another internationally active manufacturer, of the WICONA systems' particular suitability for the standard and special constructions employed here.


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