New structural glazing window system WICLINE 90SG

An optical highlight and elegant complement for your curtain walls: the new opening window WICLINE 90SG. With its structural glazing design and its opening to the outside it provides homogenous structures and efficient ventilation, without disturbing sash on the inside.

This window can be integrated in curtain walls with pressure profiles or in structural glazing curtain walls as a projecting top-hung window or as a parallel outward opening window. In all applications WICLINE 90SG enhances your freedom in the design of facades due to the big possible window formats. For a maximum thermal insulation it can be equipped with double or triple glazing up to 44 mm infill thickness. The structural glazing design is achieved without step glazing, thus leading to clear advantages in cost and assembly. If required, an additional mechanical fixture can be implemented.
WICLINE 90SG is easy in the handling, too. Manual operation, motor driven or completely automated with BUS/EIB control – anything is possible. The high quality of system and functional parts is assured by the testing and certification according to European Standard EN 14351-1.

Further information about the structural glazing window WICLINE 90SG

Further information about the structural glazing facade WICTEC 50SG


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