New Structural Glazing façade system WICTEC 50SG

WICTEC 50SG provides a new and efficient technology for the creation of curtain walls in structural glazing. Designed as a classic stick system, it features a patented fixture system which retains the double or triple glazing in the area of the glass spacer.

Structural glazing facades have a firm place in contemporary architecture and create impressive building elevations. The WICTEC 50 solution allows for a very filigree structure with big screen dimensions. Additional freedom in the design of curtain walls is provided by the possibility of combining the silicone joints with horizontal or vertical pressure profiles in various contours. Individual adaptations are also possible due to the infill thickness from 32 to 40 mm. The system has been tested and certified according to the product standard for curtain walls EN 13830.
If opening elements are required the ideal complement is the new WICLINE 90 SG, a window system with structural glazing design, but without step glazing. This window can be carried out as a top-hung window or as a parallel outward opening window.

Further information about  Stuctural glazing façade WICTEC 50SG

Further information about  Stuctural glazing window WICLINE 90SG

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