Gold award in sustainability for WICONA-equipped building

Since the beginning of this year the German Association for Sustainable Building (DGNB) awards buildings which meet a particularly high standard in sustainability. One of the best results so far has been achieved by the new head-quarter of the German investment and development society DEG in Cologne. WICONA supplied the aluminium profile systems for the facade as unitised compound curtain wall. The building will receive the Sustainability Award in Gold this week.

The DGNB uses various criteria for the certification of buildings in terms of its sustainability performance, like ecological as-pects, socio-cultural, functional and technical quality, economi-cal efficiency and the location. According to the level of satisfac-tion of these criteria a building receives points, which then lead to the award in bronze, silver or gold.

„Green Building Services“, a specialised agency, carried out the certification for the DGNB. Svend Ulmer, accredited auditor, describes the contribution of the WICONA facade system as follows: “Transparency, energetical quality and long life expec-tation as well as the maintenance frequency supplied important points to the criteria. Other positive factors were visual comfort, quality of the building skin and running cost. The seven-storey building respects to a very high degree the sustainability criteria in terms of ecology and health. The implementation of highest energy standards is demonstrated by the low environmental impact caused by CO2 emissions, which in this building are far below the level of a comparable house“.

Based on the design of JSK Architects (Düsseldorf) and the technical design by engineer Wolfgang Willms (Roetgen / Aachen), the facades were developed as a special construction of the WICONA system. Each pre-fabricated unit of the curtain wall features the dimensions of 2500 x 3385 mm, containing either fixed glazing or operable windows. The sash dimensions are impressive 1200 x 3200 mm (width x height) with a weight of approximately 280 kg. The compound system consists of an interior double glazing with an additional exterior single glazing, and an integrated sun protection system. This technology leads to very high properties in thermal insulation but also sound insu-lation. For natural ventilation the sashes, too big and heavy for manual operation, can be opened by electric motors.
The new building with an office surface of more than 23000 m2 was realized within 28 months construction time.

Cosmopolitanism, transparency, reliability, identity and progress are, according to the expectations of the developers and archi-tects, the features which the new building shall communicate. They consider this as an expression of the policy of develop-ment which the DEG, the German society for investment and development, pursues. That this aim was achieved is now also reflected by the evaluation of the building and its certification by the DGNB.


DEG, Köln

DEG, Köln

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