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BIM enables architects, consultants, contractors, facilities and project managers to have access to, and share, comprehensive information about a building's components and over the complete life cycle of a project – from its design, construction, operation and maintenance through to dismantling and recycling. BIM software allows all design data to be organised in one place rather than through many separate drawings.

BIM software uses 3-D constructions improving building design productivity; each object details both physical and functional features such as colour, materials, size... To download these items and use them in your own BIM, visit:

The Wicona BIM components are compatible with Autodesk Revit 2013 and later editions. They are available to download:

  • WICLINE 65 Evo
  • WICLINE 75 Evo
  • WICSLIDE 160 - sliding door
  • WICSTYLE 75 evo door
  • Wicona Materials Library
  • Curtain Walling WICTEC 50
  • WICTEC 50SG Curtain Walling

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