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The specialists for sustainable building count on aluminium:

DGNB (German sustainable building council)

- DGNB suggests aluminium 

Download Flyer DGNB

GDA (Gesamtverband der Aluminiumindustrie e.V.)

- GDA Homepage 

ift Rosenhein

- ift Homepage  

EAA (European Aluminium Association)

- EAA Homepage

Download EAA Broschüre

A/U/F (Aluminium und Umwelt im Fenster- unf Fassadenbau)

-A/U/F Homepage 

- A/U/F Informationsfilm

Download A/U/F Broschüre

- Das Fenster der Zukunft

International Aluminium Institute

- International Aluminium Institute Homepage
  The future builds on aluminium 


- Alufenster Homepage
  The position paper of the TU Wien shows that aluminium has over its whole
  lifetime the lowest costs.
  Link to the position papier

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