AC 10 Hotel Turin, Italy

  • Architect: Ingegnerie e Architetti IN.OPERA Florenz, Italy
  • Metal builder: Coopsette Soc. Coop. Castelnovo di Sotto (RE), Italy
  • Year: 2005
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Carlton Hotel Nürnberg, Germany

  • Architect: Hübsch & Partner Architects, Engineers, City Planner Nuernberg, Germany
  • Metal builder: Ferger Metallbau GmbH Winnen, Germany
  • Year: 2002
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Gendarmenmarkt Berlin, Germany

  • Architect: Widek + Stadelmeier Berlin, Germany
  • Metal builder: Fenster Technik KG Theo Boockmayer GmbH & Co. Berlin, Germany
  • Year: 2000
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Hotel Banana City Winterthur, Switzerland

  • Architect: Nella Zambrini Architekturbüro AG Effretikon, Switzerland
  • Metal builder: DIRALSA AG Metall + Fassadenbau Neuendorf, Switzerland
  • Year: 1997
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Mercure Hotel Newa Dresden, Germany

  • Metal builder: MBM Metallbau Dresden, Germany
  • Year: 2003
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Pangu Plaza

  • Architect: Li zuyuan Architect Design Office, China
  • Year: 2007
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Radisson SAS Hotel Frankfurt am Main, Germany

  • Architect: John Seifert Architects Frankfurt am Main, Germany
  • Metal builder: Rupert App GmbH & Co. Leutkirch, Germany
  • Year: 2005
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Radisson SAS Hotel Rostock, Germany

  • Architect: Rainer Janzen Planungsbüro Rostock, Germany
  • Metal builder: Metallbau Rostock GmbH R, Germany
  • Year: 2005
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Seaside Hotel Hamburg, Germany

  • Architect: Alsop & Störmer Hamburg, Germany
  • Metal builder: Reinhold & Mahla R & M Fassadentechnik Oststeinbek, Germany
  • Year: 2001
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