The Opening Ceremony of WICONA Shanghai Show Room

The opening ceremony of WICONA Shanghai Show Room was held in the morning of May 29, 2019. Henri Gomez - the Global President of Hydro Building Systems, Jean Marc- the President of Hydro Building Systems Asia, and Steven Zhang – the Deputy General Manager of Hydro Building Systems China, witnessed this landmark moment with WICONA Chinese partners and friends.


Henri Gomez, the global president of Hydro Building Systems, said on the ceremony: "WICONA is one brand of Hydro Building Systems. With the background of Hydro Group, WICONA could share the support from not only the Europe but also all over the world. WICONA could deliver More Greener Aluminum windows, doors and curtain walls for Chinese market because of the innovation brand DNA."

"It’s the first WICONA show room in Shanghai, but we believe it’s not the only show room in China. The WICONA Chinese team follows the Hydro core value- Care, Courage, Collaboration, provide better service to Chinese partners and customers.” Jean Marc, the President of Hydro Building Systems Asia expressed on the the ceremony.

WICONA Shanghai Show Room locates in the golden area of Shanghai City. The intention of building the Show room is to serve the Chinese market better and provide a communication platform for WICONA Chinese partners and consumers. The WICONA Shanghai showroom is divided into three areas: Display area, office area and meeting area. The showroom will be used for small customer events as well as internal meetings. There will also be seminars for retail customers and property owners. 

On the opening ceremony, Steven Zhang said “We will make full use of the WICONA Shanghai Show Room to provide customers with seminars, product introduction and training services, etc. Hope the customers could learn more in the Show room.”


 Some impressions of the opening ceremony: