Fenestration China 2016

Fenestration China 2016 got the perfect ending in Nov.12th, 2016. Four days, 100,000 m2 exhibiting space, 80,000 visitors, Again, Fenestration China gives us a feast of Communication with Field Partners.

Stand E3-215, WICONA’s home court. We have a public appearance with new booth design, new product offer, and new faces. Three areas in the booth,

  • Corner Sample Area - demonstrate the section details, including
    WICLINE65 Hi
    WICLINE75 Bullet Resistant
    WICSLIDE65 Window
  • Full Size Sample Area – to have real feeling of operating WICONA products, including,
    WICSLIDE 160 (E-drive) 
    WICLINE 75 
    WICSTYLE75 Door +WICLINE75 fanlight
    WICLINE95 Passive window
    WICLSLIDE65 sliding door WICTEC50+WICLINE90SG+WL75VF (E-drive)
  • Meeting Area

During 4 days, this expo contributes the rewarding show to WICONA.

  • WICONA booth received more than 1000 visitors. Among these visitors, around 50% are fabricators and window distributors, 20% are specifiers (property developers and architects), and another 30% are suppliers or others.
  • Feedback from the visitors was quite positive. Again, WICONA strong brand image was presenting with RED color and very professional samples, showing high quality and high performances. Some prospects, including competitors’ customers expressed their feeling of being more confident for WICONA, also delivered strong wish to cooperate with us after visit WICONA booth. Meanwhile, it also brought confidences to our current customers, especially new customers.

WICONA Appreciation Banquet 2016 was hold at the eve of Fenestration China 2016. Nov. 8th.

We invited total almost forty customers attending the dinner. Lionel Journe, VP SBS Asia joined the dinner as well. He made welcome opening speech, and did open communication with the customers. It was also good opportunity for our customers sitting together to share the win-win experiences with WICONA, being proud of member of WICONA networks.


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