Safe, high-performance, aesthetically pleasing, easy to assemble and install, the
WICSLIDE 75FD folding / sliding door can be used as a partition for conference
rooms, a retractable window for showrooms such as car dealerships, in theatres for
maximummodularity, or as an opening façade for hotel and restaurant terraces.

The WICSLIDE 75FD folding / sliding door offers full opening, creating expanded
living space in both the high-end residential and the commercial property markets.

This door system is notable for its large dimensions. Guided by upper and lower
roller assemblies, with 4 stainless steel rollers, each leaf can support a load of up to
150 kg. The adjustable and completely concealed system enables you to combine
up to 10 leaves, with a maximum height of 3 metres and a width of 1.20 metres

The WICSLIDE 75FD folding / sliding aluminium door is the ideal solution for
modular spaces and for allowing the maximum width when open, while
minimising the space required for the folded leaves.

Technical performance

  • Folding / sliding elements with three to ten leaves
  • Opening right or left
  • Inward or outward opening
  • Main leaf positioned centrally or to one side
  • Standard and heavy-duty versions
  • Threshold: 
  •           Double brush seal
  •           Flush for persons with reduced mobility
  •           Frame profile for improved performance
  •           For higher requirements with gasket


  • Hardware corrosion resistance:
  • Grade 5 (420 h in neutral spray)
  • Simple to adjust on site (vertical and lateral):- Vertical + 3 mm / - 1 mm,- Lateral +/- 5 mm
  •  Glazing with identical dimensions

          Max. leaf sizes (w): up to 1 200 mm

            Max. leaf sizes (h): up to 3 000 mm

  •  Weight of leaves up to 150 kg
  •  Profile depth 75 mm
  •  Three-point locking, with keys

Thermal performance :

 3-leaf door (w x h): 773 mm x 3 148 mm

- Ud = 1.5W/(m²K) with Ug = 1.1 W/(m²K)    double-glazed

- Ud = 1.0W/(m²K) with Ug = 0.6 W/(m²K)   triple-glazed