Non-insulated door


These aluminium systems are designed specially for use inside buildings or where thermal insulation is not a determining factor. The ranges also meet high standards with regard to functionality, durability and comfort, whilst providing good economy.

Technical performance

Profile technology:

  • High quality profi les with profile depth 50 mm or 65 mm
  • For single and double leaf hinged doors with flush leaf profiles
  • For inward and outward opening
  • Option of glass-separating or adhesive sash bars
  • Fanlights, lateral glazings fi xed or opening in combination with WICLINE evo window series
  • With mechanical floor gasket or stop gasket
  • With butt-hinge or screwed hinge

Special for WICSTYLE 50N:

  • Infill thickness 4 mm to 31 mm
  • Leaf weight until 150 kg
  • Max. leaf size (w x h): until 1300 mm x 2700 mm

Special for WICSTYLE 65N:

  • Infill thickness 4 mm to 46 mm (flush leaf) or 8 mm to 57 mm (overlapping leaf)
  • Leaf weight until 200 kg
  • Max. leaf size (w x h): until 1450 mm x 2350 mm

Additional designs:

  • WICSTYLE 65N also possible as smoke control door and with burglar resistance in resistance classes WK1 and WK2


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