• Thermally insulated facade units,  prefabricated in the workshop with glazing and  parapet claddings. The ready-made units are mounted  on facade anchor emplaced at the site. Unit sizes:  maximum up to 4 m width and 4 m height, without  centre mullion up to 2 m width. With quality assurance,  the installation becomes easy and accurate.



    Profile Technique  

    • Main profiles in three chamber system.  
    • Frictionally connected, form-closed thermal profiles compound  manufactured in the extrusion plant.  
    • Selection profiles according to structural requirements (wind  loads, element size and weight) and space requirement for  inside junctions.
    •  Profile construction depths:   
    •  201 mm total construction depth of frame, mullion and  transom profiles.       
    • 181 mm without outer cover profile.  
    • Extremely narrow sight lines: split mullions and transoms 70  and 90 mm. Unsplit mullions 60 mm.
    • Expansion tolerances, 9.5 mm horizontally, 8 mm vertically.  
    • Outer cover profile secured by hooking without screwing.  
    • Composite profiles assembly at the works, with quality  assurance and works guarantee.


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