WICTEC EL is the basic version of the unitised facade with slim face widths and flexible adjustment. The generous unit sizes, up to 4,000 mm in height and width, ensure a particularly “transparent” appearance. The individual units are manufactured with classic, high-quality window frame connection technology. On the outside, an elegant facade appearance is achieved through the use of butt joint cover profiles with a central groove.

The advantages of WICTEC EL at a glance:

  • Slim sight lines of 60, 70 and 90 mm
  • Dry glazing with slim, uninterrupted glazing gasket
  • Composite aluminium profile with thermal break from quality-assured and monitored production
  • Efficient thermalprotection, in order to comply with the latest Eenergy saving regulations
  • On the construction site, the units are easily installed in the facade anchors from the system range

Openable integration elements

  • WICLINE 50, WICLINE 65 ranges of windows, with visible or concealed sashes as turn, turn/tilt, tilt and parallel-slide-tilt windows, parallel-projected sashes
  • WICSTYLE 50, WICSTYLE 65 ranges of doors, single and double-leaf, opening inwards and outwards


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