WICTEC Burglar Resistance



Through slight additions to the basic system, and without any visual compromise, WICTEC 50EH  can be implemented as burglar-resistant facades in resistance classes WK1, WK2 or WK3. Various WICLINE window systems and WICSTYLE door systems in burglar-resistant versions are available as opening elements.

The advantages of the WICTEC EH facade at a glance:

  • Resistance classes up to WK3 can be achieved by means of slight additions
  • Facade structure based on the standard WICTEC 50 facade
  • Visually identical to the standard systems
  • Can be combined with further facade versions
  • Construction in resistance class WK4 on request

Technical information:

System width: 50 mm
Basic system:  WICTEC 50
Glazing: Compliant with DIN EN 356

If you have any further requirements, we will be pleased to provide you with individual solutions.

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