In certain cases, it is aesthetically or structurally beneficial to design façade areas with supporting structures made from wood or steel.

WICTEC 50A is a mounting option which makes it possible to glaze such supporting structures directly. WICTEC offers a free choice of supporting material – aluminium, steel or wood – for an identical outer appearance and glazing technique for the façade.

Advantages of WICTEC 50 A at a glance:

  • Free choice of material (steel or wood), for profile widths from 50 mm
  • Same mounting profile for mullions and transoms
  • Overlapping via vertical and horizontal single-piece overarching sealing profiles with different drainage levels
  • Simple and efficient fixing of the aluminium profile by means of screws
  • Alternative simple fixing technique using steel studs for steel tubes with a wall thickness from 4 mm

Technical specifications:

System width: 50 mm
Supporting-profile width: from 50 mm
Supporting structure: wooden profiles
steel tubes
open steel profiles

If you have any further requirements, we will be pleased to provide you with individual solutions.

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