WICTEC 50                                                                    

WICTEC solutions are used to create large vertical façades: grid, vertical and horizontal emphasis, structural sealant glazing, beaded glazing, aluminium/wood plant-on systems, unitised façades, high energy-performance façades, high-security
façades, and roof glazing, prisms, domes and pyramids.
With its patented design, the WICTEC range offers the option of flat or facetted construction. The vertical façade is mullion drained, and the roof cascade-drained, to remove water to the exterior. A wide choice of cap profiles and transoms can be used to customise façades.

With three levels of drainage, complex constructions integrating vertical façades and roof glazing are possible.



Maximum infill weight per transom: 120 kg with connectors or 400 kg with transom block


 Grid with integrated concealed vent
- Ucw 100% glazed = 1.2 W/m 2 .K with glazing Ug= 0.6 W/m 2 .K
- Ucw 50% glazed = 1.0 W/m 2 .K with glazing Ug = 0.6 W/m 2 .K and Up= 0.35W/m 2 .K


- RA,tr = 42 dB with 40 mm glazing on fixed light and vent

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