Stick façade


Slim sight lines

WICTEC stick façade are the flexible, tried-and-tested versatile solutions among WICONA's raneg of façade systems. The great diversity of profiles and the extensive range of features offer you both maximum design freedom and the highest process safety from planning to completion.

With slim sight lines of 50 and 60 mm, this system construction achieves a particularly delicate façade design. Additional functions for safety and maximum heat insulation with Uw-values to below 0.8 W/(m2K) can be met at very small expense without influencing the appearance.

WICTEC 50 and 60 are available as aluminium construction or as add-on system for wood or steel substructures. A comprehensive range of insertion elements for various opening types allow extensive design individuality. The system can easily be upgraded with features such as fire protection or bullet resistance - without changing the visible appearance of the façade.




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