Modern buildings and their architecture

On February 7, WICONA participates in Structum Conference 2019 in Vilnius to talk about modern buildings and their architecture.

About the conference

In this conference, different types of public and private objects that meet specific public interests and thus purposefully perform their functions will be discussed. Professional speakers will analyze, how to guarantee the purposeful development of the city, based on a comprehensive evolution and how a modern building can become a monument to the existing social, economic and cultural aspects.

Architecture and its innovations reflect the prosperity of the city. Therefore, in a modern society, it is crucial to design public and private buildings while taking into consideration intelligent technologies, modern building materials, new architectural and building solutions. In this conference, we will discuss how to create a perfect building that meets the attitude and expectations of an innovative city and contemporary community

WICONA plays the part

At WICONA, sustainability and long-term environmental thinking have long been a fundamental part of the company's philosophy. Throughout the world, this is reflected in innovative, intelligent and tailor-made façade systems – representatives of a sustainable and forward-looking architecture.

At Structum Conference we will tell you more about tomorrow's sustainable solutions and show several fine examples of successful projects worldwide.


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