Park 49, Gothenburg – Low energy consumption with WICONA facades

Park 49, located just beside the award-winning Garden, is a spectacular 10 floors building with a five-story high wing on each side. The concept of the project was water, greenery and durability which is reflected both indoors and outdoors. All facade and window systems are signed by WICONA

The nature theme of Park 49 is reflected both indoors and outdoors. Among other things, the upper part of the building is glacier white and the lower part is ocean green. This is when the glass facades have been colored by attaching a light and screen-permeable screen print on the inside.

Low energy consumption 

Gothenburg has a close relationship with water and the theme is clearly shown both by the buildings upper part with a glacial white facade and the lower part with the ocean green glasses. A colored screen print with maximized transparency offer a spectacular view together with the slim profile geometry. The building is covered by a curved, expanded-metal sunscreen, that together with the screen print protect the facade at the same time as it reduce the cooling requirements and saving energy. The building has an energy consumption of 50 kilowatt per square meter. 

LEEDs highest level 

The roof terrace offer an unique meeting point with stunning view and its open and welcoming atmosphere. Park 49 is certified according to the international environmental LEED highest level, Platinum. That means the building fulfills the criteria that concern sustainable building and refinement of an area. 

The innovative solution for the facade is supplied by WICONA, as well as all windows. Two different types of facades have been used to create a durable, spectacular and unique design: Double skin facade with WICLINE 75 windows and a custom-made solution based on the smart and elegant facade WICTEC 50 EL, which can be adapted to specific requirements. Both solutions are using WICTEC EL evo principles for the element joint. This means a fast building process, higher quality and better performance. 

Project information:
Type of building: Office
Address: Parkgatan 1, Gothenburg
Area: 5 300 sqm
Architect: Arkitektbyrån Design
Contractor: SKANSKA Sverige AB
Products: Facade / Window: Double glazed facade with WICLINE 75 windows and a tailor-made solution based on WICTEC 50 EL

WICONA fasader och fönster för arkitektur

WICONA fasader och fönster med hållbarhet

Park49 arkitektur med WICONA fasader och fönster

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