Business Stadium - Exceptional architecture meets modern technologies with WICONA engineering solutions.

Business Stadium West is the first building in a business district located in the quarter on the right bank of Neris River, on Šeimyniškių and Rinktinės str. intersection. The building with an area of 16 500 sq.m is the first step in a process to create the largest and multifunctional business district in the city center of Vilnius. It is a dynamic center of attention, easily reachable from any part of the city.

Flexible and outstanding modern solutions
Stadium West, with 8-floors, represent modern solutions that flows through each floor. In the entrance you will meet a virtual artificial intelligence assistant that will service guest and employees. Furthermore, the complete building stands out with the state-of-the-art environmental control systems, and engineering solutions that was used to cre-ate the building, which goal was to ensure maximum comfort and better surroundings for all employees.
The entire building also represent an area of recreation while it is located in the area that previously housed the football stadium Zalgiris. The facade of Business Stadium West is inspired by the stadium lights with brightly framed windows. The originality of the facade is maintained by the three-dimensional unconventional ventilation system.
Each window is framed by raised structures with built-in vents. This system allows to deliver as much natural fresh air as possible. Furthermore, the building has an extremely good working conditions – each workplace will receive more natural light, since each working station will be no further than 3.6 meters from the window.
In the middle of the building a 30-meter glass atrium appears that split the building into two bodies. It is unique with its size and the luminosity of the atrium brings light into this huge building.
Unique customized solutions
Business Stadium West is using WICONA WICTEC 50 HI facade solution with 200mm cover profile on mullions and a new cover cap of 198.5 mm height on every second transom. WICTEC 50 HI brings an optimum creative freedom to create an unique and bespoked facade. Additional functions for security and maximum thermal insulation may be included simply and inexpensively, without compromising on aesthetics.
Windows and doors are also supplied by WICONA - WICLINE 75 evo window with ventilation flap was selected for the project, due to its top rated thermal insulating performance. WICSTYLE 75 evo doors was also selected with the visually harmonious integration into the building and facade structure.
A+ Energy-classified with renewable energy sources
The building is also having a responsible use of green resources. On the roof top you will reach a magnificent view. The whole terrace was adapted not only for inspiring meetings and creative work but also with focus on the environment and lower energy consumption.
Business Stadium West is an A+ classified building and the roof is equipped with an 80 kW solar power plant, which cover about 5% of the total annual electricity de-mand of the building. To reduce air pollution in the underground car park there are an electric car charging station.

Project: Busniess Stadium West
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Architect: Arches - E.Neniškis
Developer: Hanner
WICONA solutions: WICTEC 50, WICLINE 75 evo, WICSTYLE 75 evo
Photos: Evaldas Lasys

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