KB Hallen, Copenhagen – An enduring, cultural landmark using WICONA facades

In 2011 one of Denmark's great cultural institutions, K.B. Hallen, burned to the ground. Since the hall was ruined, it was decided to demolish the building. In the new design, Christensen & Co. Architects has drawn inspiration from the original building, updating the design but making sure that the new design still rings true among the memories of the local population. WICONA has supplied both façades, doors and windows for the new KB Hallen. 

Since 1938, the hall had functioned as a cultural generator of big events in Copenhagen, such as concerts, sports events and fairs. The new K.B. Hallen was inaugurated on December 5, 2018, and, at the same time, introduced as an architectonic re-imagining.

In its new form, K.B. Hallen will actively contribute to the cultural life of the local area. Its open façade secures that the pulsating life of the arena can be seen and that they become part of the surroundings. Because of the big glass façades, bypassers are easily attracted to the venue by the light and life.

When guests arrive via Peter Bangs Vej, they will enter by the front square towards the bright and open building to easily pass through the glass doors and become part of the arena. Here, great stairs guide guests to the first floor where a series of lounges and bars make for a pleasant introduction to the cultural experiences that takes place under the dome ceiling.

The old arena had a special textural feeling that was intensified by a wealth of the colours of time. Instead of trying to re-create this feeling with modern paint, it has been interpreted using natural material which gives the arena texture – within and without.

Topmodern multifunctioned arena with a possible lifespan of over 100 years.

K.B. Hallen is recreated using solid material such as bamboo, handpainted brick latches, and concrete molded on location. With its glow and structure these materials give the arena its special feeling. On the façade custom molded and white-glazed brick latches will give the "floating" first floor a broken, yet alive geometry which reacts with light and interacts with the surroundings.

Another DNA-track that has been elaborated is the massive concrete construction of the old arena. As a tribute to the original arena, the almost 20 meter tall concrete wall has been re-established in the entrance hall with wood inserted which gives the concrete a special structure. This wall is the first thing visitors see when they enter the entrance hall.

K.B. Hallen has been rebuilt with a strong focus on the future generations of athletes, concert goers and Copenhageners with modern functionalities of a quality and a sturdiness that stands side by side with the original arena. The raw constructions has been welded in steel and on location molded concrete constructions which secures the big pillarless spread, sturdiness, oustanding noise suppression for both concert goers and neighbours of the arena – all in all a topmodern multifunctioned arena with a possible lifespan of over 100 years.

Transparent WICONA element facades brings openness to the city

The building façades consist of WICONA's WICTEC 50 systems. It creates a slim looking with maximum transparency both exterior and interior. The WICONA WICLINE 75 evo window system and WICSTYLE 75 evo door systems was also used for the project due to its top rated thermal insulating performance.

The 40-meter wide and eye-catching facade is central to the new multi-arena. Through the large gable, light is brought to the building, with openness to the city. The WICONA facade elements rise up to 8.5 meters in height. “You can easily create something unique with our system products. We have a philosophy of simplicity in design and production, that enable customized solutions at the same time as the manufacturing is efficient, no special tools are needed”, says Henrik Sørensen, sales manager, WICONA Denmark. The KB Hallen reopening to the public was in January 2019

Project: KB Hallen
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Architect: Christensen & Co. Architects
Metal builder: Bent Pedersen Lunde A/S
Contractor: Einar Kornerup A/S
WICONA solutions: WICTEC 50, WICLINE 75 evo, WICSTYLE 75 evo
Photos: Copyright Erik Wik



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