1. Aluminium is a modern material: Strong, flexible, conductive, durable, and extremely lightweight. Its remarkable strength enables exceptionally sturdy structures– due to the low material weight, the structures weigh just one third of equivalent steel constructions.

2. Aluminium products have an extremely long service life. Approximately 75 % of the construction products ever made using aluminium are still in use today. What's more, aluminium is easy to maintain: There's no need for any measures to protect against mold or corrosion, nor does the paintwork require any solvents.

3. Aluminium is the third most abundant element on earth. From extracting the raw material to recycling, the material is suitable for achieving the highest degree of sustainability. At WICONA, 68 % of the energy required to produce aluminium is generated by hydropower. You can find out more about our environmentally friendly aluminium system solutions here.

Environmental responsibility – we care about it. Be part of it!

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