Recycled Polyamide

Economical. Saves Resources. Innovative.

WICONA is the first system supplier in the world to use thermal insulation strips made from recycled polyamide for the thermal insulation of its systems. 

Economical. Saves Resources. Innovative.

Available as standard right away and at no extra cost! With outstanding mechanical and physical properties – and an excellent environmental performance.

Gain the benefits of a pioneering innovation that further improves the ecobalance of the tried and tested WICONA window, door and façade systems. Those using it will not have to make any compromises on quality, as the completely newly developed material for insulation strips has a certified rating equivalent to polyamide 6.6. WICONA Partners use this exclusive new development automatically and without additional costs – also the new insulating walls do not have to be ordered separately. Already today, recycled insulation strips are installed in 50% of all WICONA products and will be phased in throughout the entire product range.

For a low CO2 emission system

A large gain in sustainability due to low consumption of energy and resources: compared with the insulation strips previously used, made of conventional polymaide 6.6, the new recycled version features a considerably improved production ecobalance. Extra points and additional percentages for no extra charge or additional cost

The first choice for green building projects

The Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) of ift Rosenheim to DIN ISO 14025 and EN 15804 confirms the unique ecobalance of this exclusive development. Therefore, architects and fabricators gain decisive advantages if certifications according to LEED or DGNB are required – a real plus for relevant contracts.

New material, proven quality

The new recycled insulation strips have the same outstanding quality features that have been persuading developers to use conventional insulation strips in WICONA systems – even with respect to Uf ratings. The equivalent rating of the new material to polyamide 6.6 originating from petrochemicals is proven by a qualification test to DIN EN 14024.
Furthermore, the recycled polyamide used by WICONA has considerably better performance data than the polyamide alternative obtained from biological sources, particularly where sustainability, stability and cost-effectiveness are concerned.


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