„MP09“ Graz: More than a mere façade.

The innovative WICONA façade systems have contributed considerably toward the realisation of the MP09. The MP09 stands like a proud “black panther” before the gates of the Styrian provincial capital. The owner of the building, spread out on a developed area of around 10,000 m2, is the Dr. Michael Pachleitner Private trust. The headquarters of the renowned Uniopt-Pachleitner Group, featuring eyewear and jewellery, uses around two thirds of the floor space here.

Thanks to the incredible system diversity and the compatibility of the extensive WICONA product range, as well as the technical expertise of the WICONA Team, the individual requirements, from the planning phase to the completion, could be fulfilled completely. The WICONA WICTEC 50 stick system façade was mounted in parts of the ground floor and the office façade. This façade system is predestined for the realisation of modern, innovative building design.

The WICSLIDE 23 lifting and sliding system by WICONA, with an electrical drive for windows and doors, was installed in several offices of the MP09. Thus, a synergy of light, open elegance with an optimal level of user-friendliness was created. With regard to entrance doors, the WICONA WICSTYLE 70E door series was able to realise the combination of elegant appearance and state-of-the-art functionality of a door system.

The FERRO- WICTEC 55-1 steel façade system was used both for the construction of the slanted roof and for the façades of several floors. The distinguishing feature of this system is the water dispersing 3-level seals, whereby the beam seal is mounted so that it overlaps the post seal. The WICONA WICSTYLE 70FP series fire protection doors were selected to ensure safety in the individual building sections. These necessary, technical safety requirements can be harmoniously integrated in the “normal” architecture and provide a high level of safety that is in accordance with European standards. Thus, the “black panther” not only features an impressively aesthetic appearance, but also a reassuringly high level of safety.