Coupled windows

WICLINE – twice the protection

If you require more protection against environmental influences, you can add an extra layer: with the WICLINE coupled window structures an internal level window is combined with an additional sash in front of it. In this way the protective function and the level of comfort are significantly increased. Optimised sound protection, maximised energy savings through increased thermal insulation, the greatest possible ease of use, efficient and clean integration of sun protection systems: WICONA coupled windows can satisfy even the most varied requirements with ease.

The advantages of WICONA coupled windows at a glance:

  • Two profile depths
  • Selection of different opening types
  • Simple to equip with additional functions such as sun protection
  • Individual design with all-glass appearance, industrial contour or traditional window look
  • Fittings with excellent functionality, quality and modern design
  • Based on the WICONA Unisys principle: high level of process safety, cost and time savings production, few tools required

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