Function and design for buildings with character

Every building is unique. Individually designed windows are a key part of any special architectural concept, determining the aesthetic of the entire facade and setting the character of the building. The WICLINE series provides the best means of producing complex yet attractive window designs that offer a high level of functionality and precise dimensioning. The WICLINE range includes multi-level concepts for security and for both thermal and noise insulation, whilst WICSTAR offers a high-quality range of fittings. The extensive system variety offers a wide range of options for inwards and outwards opening, as well as various design versions:

  • Turn, turn/tilt, tilt windows
  • Double vent windows
  • Concealed sashes (block windows)
  • Oblique/round arched windows
  • Parallel slide tilt windows
  • Horizontally-pivoted sash windows
  • Vertically-pivoted sash windows
  • Top-hung sash windows (opening to outside)
  • Top-hinged windows (opening to outside)
  • Roof lights (opening to outside)
  • Parallel vent windows (opening to outside)
  • Turn sashes, top-hung sashes (opening to outside)

The advantages of WICLINE at a glance:

  • The right window solution for every application, thanks to the wide variety of systems we offer
  • The right version for every type of building, thanks to an extensive range of types of opening, inwards and outwards
  • Designs incorporating a high level of thermal insulation, intruder-resistant features and bullet-proofing are possible without jeopardising the appearance, and with few additional components
  • Adaptation to individual design requirements thanks to large variety of profiles and designs, such as industry design, for example
  • Extensive system checks in accordance with international product standards, such as the product standard for windows, EN 14351-1, demonstrate the high quality of the system technology
  • All thermally-insulated profiles in the three-chamber system: profile thermal bond fits strongly and tightly, with quality-assured pressing plant production.
  • Fittings that are perfectly tailored to the window systems, with the highest quality and durability
  • Based on the WICONA Unisys principle: extensive freedom of design, high level of process safety, cost and time saving, simple production, few tools required

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