Structural glazing


Facades made entirely of glass have a firm place in contemporary architecture and create impressive building elevations. Using WICONA systems, extremely delicate outside structures which only have narrow joints can be created. Opening elements and insulating glazing can be incorporated.

Based on an innovative mechanical fixing, WICTEC 50 SG opens up a new, simpler possibility for the construction of facades made entirely from glass. Designed as a traditional stick system facade, the insulating glazing is retained between the panes. Although its appearance is identical to that of a traditional SSG facade, this technology is faster, simpler and more economical to realise.

Highest demands in the functional features have already been realised in many projects. Triple glazing with infill thickness up to 55 mm, passive house constructions or fire protective curtain walls in SG can be implemented with this system. For further details just get in contact with us. 

The advantages of WICTEC 50 SG at a glance:

  • Outstanding appearance – indistinguishable from classic SSG facades.
  • Basic structure is the WICTEC 50 facade, with identical profile and gasket technology 
  • Easy assembly of the glazing elements on site, without supplementary tools 
  • Simple and straightforward installation thanks to a special patented fastener
  • Execution also possible in combination with cover profiles in various contours

Openable elements

  • Windows WICLINE 90SG as projecting top-hung window and as parallel outward opening window in all-glass design

Technical specifications:

System width: Suppriting profile 50 mm
Outer sicivon joint, outer width of joint 23 mm
Thermal insulation: up to 1,5 W/m²K with infill thickness 32 mm
Fill thickness: up to 40 mm

System tests in accordance with EN 13830:

Air permeability: AE
Watertightness: RE 750
Resistance to windload: ± 2000 Pa,  ± 3000 Pa
Impact resistance: E5 / I5


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