WICSTYLE 65 evo with its flush leaf design in 65 mm system depth and a comprehensive application range is perfectly qualified for highest demands in design, technological quality and performance. Due to its favourable price / performance ratio it constitutes an economical solution for almost any requirement.

WICSTYLE 65 evo at a glanceIndividual design

  • Ideal for the tailor-made adornment of each kind of buildings
  • Comprehensive profile programme for a realisation of any customer demand and building integration
  • Options like leaf-overlapping infills can easily be realised
  • Design variations like classic design with angled shape, perfectly suiting the WICLINE evo windows in classic design

Perfect building design concept

  • The profile series are precisely in line and often identical to the WICLINE evo window series
  • Ideal for combination with fan light and side elements
  • Easy integration in curtain walls
  • Perfect for a congruent building design
  • Substantial simplification of project planning, processing and assembly

Opening types

  • Single and double leaf hinged doors
  • Inward and outward opening doors
  • Finger protection doors
  • Single action doors
  • Double action doors
  • All-glass doors
  • Push-pull doors
  • Fixed or opening fanlights and side elements
  • Integration in WICTEC stick system curtain walls

Technical values:

Thermal insulation: Uf-Werte von 1,8 bis 2,1 W/(m2K)
Leaf weights: Bis 200 kg
Filling thickness: 4 bis 46 mm Flügel flächenbündig
8 bis 57 mm Flügel mit Überschlag
Max. leaf dimensions: 1.400 x 2.520 mm

If you have further requirements we will be happy to provide you with an individual solution.


System test results:

Intruder resistance: WK1 to WK 3
Bullet resistance: FB4

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