Bespoke solutions

Unique systems and designs

WICONA is a brand that is synonymous with unique aluminium constructions that exceed all standards. Whether used in a façade to an impressive metropolitan development, as a functional door system or in windows with the aim of creating an architectural structure, each solution is individual, allowing the requirements and wishes of the customer to be met in full.

The WICONA range offers the best options for the realisation of complex design concepts, that are unique in terms of technology and aesthetics.

No two buildings are alike. And the wishes of our customers are just as diverse as the options for implementation using the WICONA systems. This is where the highly qualified, experienced expert WICONA advisors step in. Together with the customer, they plan the best approach for every project, taking account of fundamental criteria such as energy efficiency, sustainability, budget, construction physics and deadlines. This offer for advice throughout the project does not end when construction starts. The specialists at WICONA’s property business also work on site to meet challenges head on.

Technology for ideas – the WICONA slogan lives up to the reality of our work. Using WICONA products means you can enjoy complete freedom in your design ideas – we will develop the technology to realise your concepts accurately and with style. The complexity of your building project will determine the degree of customization. Anything is possible – the standard WICONA range offers a wide spectrum of modules constructed from basic profiles that can be used to create many different custom solutions. Individual profile components can be modified or adapted easily to fit perfectly into the overall system. In addition we can develop special profiles just for you, in order to fulfil specific functions or design requirements. We will work together with you to erect completely new buildings – unique constructions that represent the ultimate in custom property solutions.

Visit WICONA Finder, the architecture database for sophisticated living spaces!

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