Curtain walling integration

Modern architecture with extended glazed building skins offer in-creased energy gains from daylight, but require an external light control that aligns energy savings, user comfort and economy. WICSOLAIRE sunshading systems guide daylight into the build-ing and thus reduce the need for artificial light. They control the energy and heat input by solar radiation and reduce the need for air conditioning.
The visual contact with the exterior remains and improves the sensation of comfort. As a passive technology WICSOLAIRE can be adapted in diverse options to the individual requirements and the architectural style of the building. In combination with the WI-CONA window and curtain wall systems a consistent solution is achieved. Integrated directly in the structure of a stick curtain wall, WICSOLAIRE offers a simplified construction and implementation.

Technical performance

  • Blade dimensions: Profile depth 100 mm or 150 mm
  • Blade holders for fixture in 4 angles (15° / 30° / 45° / 60°)
  • Horizontal blades for vertical or sloped application or canopies
  • Easy assembly due to special WICTEC fixture parts for curtain wall integration or for other surfaces

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