In the concealed sash variant of the WICLINE 75 TOP aluminium window system the glass is held directly in the thermal break zone by a special glazing bead. This gives extremely slim frame profiles which also have excellent insulation values and joint-free external frame sight lines. The improved ratio of frame to glazing proportions enable Uw values to passive house standard, and increased light transmission with panoramic views.


System tests / CE-marked product passport according to EN 14351-1:2006+A2:2016

Widerstandsfähigkeit gegen Windlast
Tragfähigkeit von Sicherheitsvorkehrungen
Mechanische Festigkeit
Korrosionsbeständigkeit der Beschläge
Class 4
Class C5/B5
Rw (C;Ctr) = 46 (-1;-4) dB
Class 1
Class 4
Class 3 (20 000 cycles)
Class 5
RC1N, RC2N, RC2, RC3
Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008

Technical performance

Profile technology

  • Highly thermally insulated multi-chamber system with ETC Intelligence® thermal break zone, which implements window designs with only 75 mm frame depth to passive house standard.
  • Patented corner and butt joint technology for high rigidity of components
  • Infill thickness up to 50 mm

Thermal insulation

  • Uf values 0.97 to 1.3 W/(m²K) for fixed glazed units with external sight lines from 48 to 155 mm
  • Uf values up to 1.2 W/(m²K) for sash-frame combinations with external sight lines from 74 to 142 mm
  • Uw values less than 0.80 W/(m²K)

Gasket concept

  • Central gasket in three variants:
    • Circumferential installation without corner pieces
    • With formed corners, no adhesive required
    • Corner vulcanised frames


  • Concealed hardware.
    • Visible hinges, coated or anodised in all colours
    • Concealed hinges with integrated end position damping, opening angle max. 105°
  • Sash weights:
    • Concealed hinges: up to 130 kg
    • Visible hinges: up to 130 kg
  • Sash sizes (w x h): up to 1300 mm x 2250 mm
  • Optional opening limiter

System combinations

  • WICLINE 75 TOP windows can be combined with WICLINE 75 evo windows, and using integration sash-frames, with current WICTEC curtain walling
  • Now also available with WICONA’s award-winning concealed handle in combination with profile 1010615


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