WICLINE 95 Window

WICLINE 95 Aluminium Window System - Certified energy efficiency meets maximum flexibility

WICLINE 95 is an aluminium window system with outstanding energy efficiency, offering the greatest possible flexibility in the planning and realisation process.

As one of the first window systems without conventional insulation inserts, WICLINE 95 meets the strict Passive House Institute criteria and is classified as particularly energy efficient – with a slim module depth of 95mm and a sleek sight line of only 125mm. The U values of the new WICONA window system can be adapted to the project and application, to reduce costs and save time.

WICLINE 95 is particularly suitable for projects with the highest architectural and energy-saving requirements, such as the renovation of existing buildings or new builds in the high-end residential sector.

Passive house certification for the highest demands

WICLINE 95 achieves Uw or Uf values of 0.80 W/(m2K)* at 95mm frame depth and sight line of 125mm – confirmed by the Passive House Institute Dr. Feist.

Therefore, the new WICONA window system is one of the most advanced certified aluminium frame components. A key benefit of WICLINE 95 is that the outstanding thermal performance is achieved for most applications without conventional insulation inserts thanks to ETC Intelligence®. This exclusive technology allows first-class performance levels due to an intelligent material mix in the thermal break zone of the system.

The protected ETC Intelligence® technology consists of three unique components:

  • Low emission film reflects the radiated heat effectively
  • Low transmission thermal break material reduces heat conduction in the section
  • Low convection thermal break fins minimise heat losses through convection

With this innovative approach, WICONA proves once more its innovative leadership among aluminium system houses and this allows architects the maximum flexibility in realisation.

Adjustable U levels for optimum customisation

The individual components of the window system, for example, in the area of thermal performance, are designed in a modular fashion, and can therefore be adapted to distinct requirements based on the project or application. This adaptation is done without significant effect on other aspects of planning the relevant window system.

Flexible production from a finely honed modular principle

Fabricators also benefit from maximum flexibility in the design of the actual window system, as WICLINE 95 benefits from the intelligent WICONA Unisys approach: in this innovative window system, components of the established product ranges WICLINE 65 and WICLINE 75 are predominantly used. The main insulator can be easily installed using a simple clip technique, while the fittings can be attached in any order with the Direct Positioning System (DPS).

For installers, this means considerable cost savings due to lower investment and storage costs and faster, simpler installation.

*1230 x 1480 mm (W x H) window, triple glazing with plastic spacers

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