Sustainable Façade Systems


Wicona was the first aluminium façade systems supplier in Europe to use recycled polyamide for thermal breaks. This innovative development is part of our ongoing commitment to sustainability and to reducing the impact of our products on the environment.

A high proportion of Wicona window and door systems now use thermal insulation strips made from 100 per cent recycled material to separate the aluminium profiles. This improves life cycle costing but with no compromise on quality, finish or performance, and without any additional cost.

High Quality Recycled Polyamide

The unmixed, high quality recycled polyamide is processed to ensure its properties are the same as new polyamide and strict control procedures are in place to maintain quality and to avoid the use of polymer blends or mixed recycled materials which are deemed to be sub-standard.

These thermal breaks are available as standard and at no additional cost. This means the more sustainable profiles do not have to be specified separately and fabrication is no different in terms of materials handling or logistics.

Minimising Impact on the Environment

This pioneering glazing solution reduces fossil fuel consumption by 89 per cent compared to conventional polyamide 6.6. Water consumption is reduced by 32 per cent and carbon emissions by 84 per cent – which is equivalent to an annual saving in CO2 emissions of 12,000 tonnes, exceeding the weight of the Eiffel Tower.

Helping to Improve Energy Ratings and Whole Life Costing

Building owners and specifiers will also benefit from an independently-accredited Environmental Product Declaration, which can be issued with the façade products to assist with the building’s rating for energy efficiency and whole life costing.

Wicona product warranties apply in full to the recycled material and its manufacture is tested in accordance with EN 14024 to maintain the same performance properties as thermal breaks produced from new polyamide.

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