WIC3D Sketching Tool

A Specially-developed Software Tool to Support Façade Design

WIC3D is a software tool developed by Wicona to radically reduce the time required for the production of 2D and 3D drawings and 3D renders.

This digital drawing platform is useful from the earliest stages of schematic design, allowing designers to be both creative and productive, and explore alternative façade solutions. It supports the description, analysis and visualisation of architecture and gives project stakeholders the opportunity to assess the impact of different façade choices and changes.

An Invaluable Tool for Façade Design Concepts

The easy-to-use tool enables architects, engineers and fabricators to sketch out initial design concepts and ideas, quickly and effectively, and incorporate Wicona’s highly engineered curtain walling, window, door and solar shading systems.

Developed in conjunction with leading architects, WIC3D is user-friendly modelling software that is an invaluable tool for designing, visualising, documenting, and communicating façade solutions.

WIC3D can produce true-to-scale drawings, whilst improving accuracy and saving time.  The façade designs can be viewed both internally and externally allowing proportions, configurations and options to be assessed and developed.

How Drawings and Renders can now be Created in Less Time

The modelling tool is designed to interface with widely-used CAD systems so users can import and export 2D and 3D design drawings. Its functions include:

• 3D visualisations created in Google SketchUp can be imported into WIC3D to produce and show 3D renders featuring WICONA façade systems where required in the 3D construction.
• 2D elevation drawings can be brought into WIC3D for use as a template to create 3D renders. These can then be exported for use with all major CAD software including AutoCAD®, Bentley®, ArchiCAD and ADT.
• There is the option to export 3D renders for use with Google SketchUp or in 3ds format for use with AutoDesk 3ds Studio Max. 

WIC3D is available via the Wicona WIC3D website for a free 30-day trial and there is a demonstration video to view.

More Technology-based Specification Tools

In addition to its comprehensive technical support for architects and building designers, Wicona provides a range of technology-based specification tools via its website to assist with façade design, including:

BIM components for its product portfolio
downloadable technical information
an ‘ideas’ app
Wicona Finder – an architectural database and invaluable source of innovative design solutions for curtain walling, windows and doors.

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