New design manuals for façades and windows

Even in the computer age, printed information has still retained its value, as the new WICONA design manuals for façades and windows amply demonstrate. They were produced on the basis of suggestions from the market and are intended for practical everyday use by architects and metal construction workers.

“The planning handbooks are a product catalogue, system overview, reference work and a source of detailed information in one volume”, explained WICONA’s Head of Marketing Markus Hofstetter. “First and foremost, they can be used for selecting, planning and determining solutions and constructions; but they also provide guidance for metal construction workers who visit their architect or investor and plan in detail systems, constructions or individual components for a construction project”, he added.
The content-related layout of the two handbooks on façades and windows available hitherto follows the logical method applied to designing and is compiled in the same way, thereby making it easy to use and facilitating the switch between the two sectors. Chapters presenting the various façade and window systems are illustrated with numerous examples of constructions and follow a brief overview of all WICONA systems. The relevant technical data sheets are the next key aspect in both volumes. Here, at a glance, you can find brief descriptions, cross-sectional images, technical performance features and system tests as well as details on the CE marking in compact form for each individual product on a single page.

Safety, insulation, soundproofing and fire protection
Together, both design manuals contain (in the application part) chapters on insulation, safety, soundproofing and fire protection. A short introduction for each chapter is followed by an overview of the series’ approvals (in accordance with national building regulations), then full-page cross-sections of individual applications are provided with an explanation about the specific construction. All drawings also have the relevant item numbers, so the next steps can be done electronically via the WICTOP design and calculation software.

Application examples and proposals for connections to the structure provide inspiration
The planning handbook for façades contains additional chapters on insertion opening sashes and shading. In the volume on windows, a supplement about fittings for the entire range of opening types has been included. Extensive chapters with illustrated application examples, full-page construction patterns with examples of how to use them and structural attachment drawings are sources of inspiration and provide the user with detailed and useful procurement information. Profile overviews for both sectors then complete the planning handbooks. “Comprehensive practical know-how, which has been compiled in a way that is concise, clear and easy to find, has received positive feedback from architects and our customers in the metal construction industry”, said Markus Hofstetter.
These volumes, both as a printed version and in PDF format, are available from your WICONA sales representative.