New: WICLINE evo

WICLINE evo - simply better.

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more flexible:

  • All system variants for many special requirements and opening features are based on only one system technology
  • Two fitting options (visible and concealed hinges), using the same production steps
  • Große Flügelformate bis 1.700 mm Breite und 2.500 mm Höhe. Flügelgewichte formatabhängig bis 160 kg mit einem Grundbeschlag möglich; höhere Gewichte leicht anpassbar
  • Large sashes, up to 1.700 mm width and 2,500 mm height.
    Sash weights up to 160 kg as standard design, heavier weights can easily be customized
  • WICONA Unisys: One system for all requirements

more energy efficient:

  • Better Uf values for both series 65 and 75
  • Better Uw values down to 0,72 W/(m²K)
  • Triple glazing option, even as posterior upgrade
  • WICLINE evo ist the first passive house certified and Minergie-P certified aluminium window.


  • Patented corner connection system with injection from one side
  • Unique fitting installation with DPS (DirectPositioningSystem)
  • All profile processes can be punched

more reliable:

  • Fewer components and processing stages, therefore increased safety during production
  • Reliable and safe calculations, design and production engineering using WICTOP Genius Software
  • High pre-fabrication level of installing components

more flexible:

  • One centre seal, three installation methods: “Frame off the bobbin”, with formed corners or as complete vulcanised frame
  • Large selection of profiles for all applications
  • Simple upgrade (e.g. functional changes or heavier glass without changing the hinges)

visually more attractive:

  • Visible hinge components and handles can be anodized in all colours
  • Design variation such as Classic Design, concealed sashes, large sash dimensions, and custom-made profiles can be easily achieved
  • Slim, filigree design