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Aluminium is a modern material – light, strong, easily pliable, a good conductor of heat and electricity, non-magnetic, resistant to corrosion, hygienic and recyclable. Aluminium constructions weigh only a third of equivalent steel constructions.

Advantages of aluminium:

  • From the raw materials extraction up to the recycling:
    Aluminium is a predestinated material for a maximum on sustainibility
  • Aluminium is the third most element on earth and is derived from bauxid
  • The aluminium lifetime is very high:
    About 75% of the produced aluminium products of aluminium ever are still in usage today
  • Just 5% of the original energy use are needed for the aluminium production from recycling materials
  • Aluminium is reusable endless:
    The recycling rate of aluminium is between 95 and 100% without lossing quality
  • Recycling of 1 t aluminium means:
    - about 4 t less Bauxid
    - about 9 t less CO2 emissions
  • Aluminium is slim
    - filigree frame constructions for windows and facades compared to wood
    - more light incidence for a better usage of solar energy
  • Aluminium is almost maintenance-free
    - no protective measures against mould, fungal infestation or corrosion
    - no solvents for the varnish