Az új „megoldás kereső“


Following its relaunch, the renowned WICONA Finder is proving itself attractive and dynamic. 
Reflecting architectural trends, the platform will be constantly expanded with new building projects, so that it can truly become a vital source of inspiration for architects, contractors and planners.

Several new functions offer unique, interactive opportunities to use it. Such as, for example, the personalised user site, with the option to present a company’s "own" database of WICONA building projects in the Finder, including their own logo and company description.

Are you an architect, contractor or planner searching for inspiration or specific information about possible construction and design options which have proven themselves in real building projects? Then the WICONA Finder will open up a world of building projects from WICONA, a leading aluminium systems company.

By using the interactive map function or the keyword search, basic information about completed building projects is available: name and location, construction parties involved, a short technical description of the concept and the products installed. Professional photos show the building from different angles and highlight interesting details. Depending on the level of interest and assignment, architects, contractors or planners can delve deeper to retrieve further information.  From technical details on façade, window and door systems, the user can access specific product information including drawings, technical system data sheets and dynamic 3D models. By using “Click and Zoom”, so-called Hotspots become visible. They enable access to key information which also specifically describes the solution or projects using animations or YouTube videos.

Links connect the Finder with other helpful planning tools, such as WICONA’s technical information platform (, the WICONA tender texts ( as well as the WICONA 3D-BIM objects ( and Product brochures are integrated and can be viewed directly online in Finder. All required information is quickly and easily accessible. Backed by a powerful search engine serves, it delivers precise results when searching, for example, for building types, countries, products, opening variants for doors and windows or other specifications or keywords. A list of building projects quickly opens, showing similar requirements at locations around the world to pave the way for individual research.

The WICONA Finder platform works interactively. Architects, contractors, planners or fabricators can register themselves and are invited to create their own account within the WICONA Finder so that they can publish their own building projects. Within this framework, it is possible to publish the own logo and company description on the personalised WICONA Finder user site.

The relaunch is reflected in the dynamic, attractive design of the website It shows panoramic photos and image sequences using the entire display and independently adapts to the relevant format of the user device, whether it is a PC, Tablet or Smartphone. The WICONA Finder App is available via the App Store and – now – also available via Play Store. It is free to download. It will support its users at any time, in any place, worldwide, as an intelligent architecture database and source of inspiration.

WICONA stands for innovative drive and service excellence around the world. The WICONA Finder underlines this position. It will support its discerning target group of architects, contractors or planners in a specific way and offers them a platform to bring together their own building projects and expert knowledge in this intelligent information tool.

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