Technology for ideas

Windows, doors and façades are investments for the future. There are many aspects to be weighed up when deciding upon the right product and the right material:
  • custom-designed options,
  • service and maintenance costs,
  • lifespan,
  • thermal insulation,
  • soundproofing,
  • environmental protection,
  • comfort,
  • function,
  • and of course, cost

In this context, WICONA's aluminium construction products offer an optimum combination and fully meet your personal requirements. And from a financial point of view, they definitely hold their own in comparison to investments in materials requiring a slightly higher investment. According to research undertaken at the Technical University of Vienna, aluminium construction products often represent the most cost efficient solution, due to their virtually unlimited lifetime, low service and maintenance costs, possible energy savings and high value retention properties.

Place your trust in one of the leading brands as well as the skilled planning, production, installation and maintenance of your own metal construction firm.
That’s what we call ‘technology for ideas’.