Security invisibly integrated

House burglaries are on the rise in nearly every part of Europe, whereby the perpetrators target the vulnerable parts of a house such as windows, patio- or front doors. From a technical point of view, effective preventive measures are no problem at all.

WICONA products are already equipped with a basic level of protection. Depending upon the security needs and the location of the building, the security provisions on windows and doors can be adapted to suit any desired security level at very little effort and cost – and can also be upgraded at a later date.

The security level is measured in terms of resistance classes 1 to 3 (WK or RC). In protection class 2, which is recommended by the police, windows and doors must resist burglary attempts using heavy tools for up to 16 minutes (after which nearly every
burglar will tend to give up).

Fire protection functions are also fulfilled through special detailed technical measures during the frame's construction. None of these high security standards compromise the aesthetic appeal of aluminium components – nothing can be seen from the outside and the typical appearance of the building or façade is retained.




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