WICONA doors are real multi-function construction elements and really are the house's "calling card". All of the advantages of aluminium come to the fore in this context – an attractive surface finish, high-tech designer handles, combinations with skylights and side windows, infills with glazing elements in various designs or panels, ambilateral panel covering or with other filling options: WICSTYLE doors meet the highest visual demands.

The same goes, however, for the technology. The tried and tested profile constructions make for excellent thermal protection properties up to passivehouse level, as well as effective soundproofing. The high-quality fittings have been open and closed several hundred thousand times during durability testing that simulates a lifetime of several decades, which they passed with flying colours.

WICSTYLE doors always give a feeling of solidity and security. Their technological properties drive burglars to despair. They put up massive resistance, thus protecting you and your valuables with technical characteristics tailored to meet your specific requirements.





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