Maximum engergy efficiency

New aluminium windows exceed the requirements of EnEV (Energy Savings Decree) and considerably improve the energy efficiency of a building: due to an effective thermal separation within the profile construction and high-quality glazing, drafts, cold radiation and condensation formation have finally become things of the past.

In addition, with larger glazed surfaces, solar radiation produces more energy to passively heat the building.

Images of buildings taken with a thermal imaging camera, shown here using the example of a pre- and post-renovation with new window façades, visibly demonstrate the potential energy savings.

The definitive variable for the energetic calculation of window and façade constructions is the U-value (Uf for the window frames, Ug for the glazing, Uw for the entire window element). The U-value is the measure of thermal penetration via a construction element and is given in W/m²K.

The lower the U-value, the better, as less heat is conducted via the construction element. With a Uw-value of less than 0.8 W/m2K, WICONA products even meet the requirements for passive housing.

erngy saving

suitable for passive houses


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