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Aluminium is a high-tech material for future-oriented constructions. Those who opt for windows, doors or glazed façades certainly have a good eye for sophisticated aesthetics. This material, however, is also convincing because of its basic properties.
  • Stability:
    aluminium profiles have a high degree of integral
    rigidity in combination with slimline contours and make it
    possible to install large-sized glazed surfaces with panoramic
    light entry.
  • Durability:
    this material is completely immune to weathering;
    the colour and surface remain unchanged for decades.
  • Easy to maintain:
    construction and façade elements made
    from aluminium require minimum maintenance and can be
    quickly and easily cleaned.

WICONA products leave nothing to chance: even all of the functional components such as fittings and handles are subjected to intensive and costly testing procedures. Test certificates from the RAL Quality Assurance Association or from the Institute of Window Technology (ift Rosenheim) provide proof of these high quality standards.


high quality

future oriented

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