Färgskrapan – Architectural building complex using eco-smart glass facades

As a colorful explosion, the 15-storey Färgskrapan extends towards the sky. A new skyline that is permeated by high environmental thinking where reduced carbon footprint is an ambition in every component. The house that catching each eye will receive the certification BREEAM Excellent and will present flexibility as well as variation as it accommodates number of different facilities inside. WICONA has supplied the glass facades of the building.

Färgskrapan, which will become one of Sweden's largest courts, will accommodate several court rooms together with other offices, shops and restaurants. The mix of different facilities brings special demands on the building's logistics and internal organization, and it is the contrasts that has been a main vision throughout the entire building process, both interior and exterior.

 “The building will stand as a contrast to the surroundings. Where the surroundings consist of simple shapes, Färgskrapan will stand out with an even more complex shape. And as well as the surroundings are colored in a light and grey scale, Färgskrapan brings color to the area with its 12 different shades” says Lars Westerberg, ON Architects.

The building also creates new meeting places and an attractive urban environment. The glass facades supplied by WICONA consist of a WICTEC EL evo element facade. The visual expression creates a strong profile with its different colors as well as an 11-storey high glass courtyard that provides openness for the building's interior.

Colors, shape and choice of material have been developed with the environment and people in mind. Architect Lars Westerberg means that it was not easy to find enamel for facade glass and powder coating for aluminum profiles in all 12 different colors, without containing heavy metals, but they succeeded. The building is certified according to international environmental certification BREEAM Excellent, which shows that the house is permeated with a great sustainability thinking. On the roof terraces 1,100 square meters of green plants will be installed. Insects will be able to pollinate, and birds will have a sanctuary. Solar cells will be mounted on the roofs as well.

Architecture and design process

The project is the result of a competition where ON Architects won with this 15 storey spectacular design. The special color and shape of the building comes from three starting points and visions, which, in addition to the one already mentioned in terms of contrast to the surroundings, also include that the building should strengthen the social center of Sollentuna city in Sweden. Therefor shops and cafes along the Tusbystråket (the walkway north of the building). Facilities that brings people into the area and create a lively district. The last point was that the building should have an attractive place on the "other side of the railway" and in this way reduce the effect of the barrier that the railway has.

It is no doubt that Färgskrapan is a colorful building for a colorful future. It will become a new landmark in the center of Sollentuna with its flexibility and sustainability focus. In the autumn of 2020, the entire building is expected to be completed.


Architect: ON Arkitekter

Fabricator: UPB Aile

Contractor: SKANSKA

WICONA-solutions: WICTEC EL evo

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